The Savings Add Up

Did you know you can save 25%-80% by simply using energy efficient lighting? SPERE professionals work individually with clients to optimize their indoor commercial lighting, outdoor lighting and signs. We will design, install, retrofit, and maintain to not only provide you cost savings, but to enhance the aesthetic look of your facility.

Providing lighting solutions

 Consumes less energy reducing energy bills

 Longer life requires fewer replacements

Better light quality that welcomes your customers and enhances your employee productivity

Commercial signs are imperative to your business. But how are they affecting your bottom line? SPERE works with clients nationwide to install, retrofit and repair commercial signs with LED lighting that will have a positive impact on your bottom line through improved energy efficiency.
LED signs not only save you money by using less energy, but they also save in maintenance costs due to a longer life and less replacement costs. Whether you are concerned about the environment or your bottom line, LED signage will have a positive impact on both.

SPERE offers our clients energy-efficient solutions customized to meet your business facilities and processes. With an average annual savings of 15.5%, SPERE is the smart choice for your next construction, remodel or repair project.

LED Lights (Schedule LED)

Install Energy Efficient LED Lighting

  • LED Sign Retrofits
  • Warranty
    (All Installed LED Lights parts and labor are under warranty for the life of the program)