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Our certified technical experts
are ready to tackle
your new construction, remodel or
preventative maintenance.


Automation puts you in control of your electrical systems creating a more energy-efficient building.


An experienced team you can trust for new construction, remodels and preventative maintenance.


Unique shared-savings program offers proprietary technology with no upfront capital expense.


Bottom Line: SPERE increases profitability through energy-saving solutions.

Every aspect of your facility affects your bottom line, and SPERE is committed to providing innovative technology that will save you money. It’s that simple.

Energy Management

Innovative technology offers automation, monitoring, alerts, trends and energy usage reporting.


Service and replacement for commercial refrigeration, walk in coolers and freezers and reach in coolers and freezers.


Shine brighter and save more with LED and sign installation. We install, repair, retrofit and service.

Kitchen Equipment

Installation, service and repair on commercial grills, fryers, toasters, ice machines and more.


Certified team offers technical expertise to help you achieve energy optimization with your commercial HVAC systems.


Installation, service and repair on new construction and remodels.

A Smart Solution for Your Business

ActivePure® Technology allows you to keep your business open and is FDA approved!

Substantially reduce odors, visible smoke in the air and microbial populations on surfaces utilizing our ActivePure® Technology.

Can be installed for $0

FDA approved to kill COVID-19

Low maintenance

Works on 100% of the surfaces and airborne particles

Operates 24/7 while you are open

SPERE Unique Shared-Savings Plans Offers Pure Savings

Cut through the red tape with SPERE and take advantage of instant savings. With over 40 years of experience in the energy management, security, and HVAC industries, is a valuable partner for your next project. In response to the capital constraints of many of SPERE’S customers, they have developed a unique shared-savings program that allows customers to acquire SPERE’S proprietary technology with no upfront capital expense, in exchange for a monthly revenue stream based on the energy savings realized by the customer over the life of the contract.


We are passionate about helping you save money.

SPERE has created a proprietary shared-savings program that allows clients to generate energy savings without expending precious capital. Innovative technology creates energy savings that average 15.5% a year creating a win your company and a win for the environment.


Tom Goetz

Over the past few decades,I have had the privilege to work with Temsco. During that time, technology has moved from modems to being cloud based. At no point were we ever behind or not current with these changes. The driving force behind their successful ability to seamlessly adapt is their superior customer service and focus on their customers. Temsco has now expanded again and their name has changed to SPERE, but the core value is the same.