SPERE offers a cost-effective approach to managing the energy within your business.

Innovative technology improves efficiencies while reducing operating costs. When you care about the bottom line, SPERE products offer automation, monitoring, alerts, trends and energy reporting.

SPERE puts you in control of your energy use by automating air and lighting for peak times and maximum comfort.

Clients nationwide save an average of 15.5%


Energy Management System (Schedule EMS)


Install Air Conditioning/Heating Controls

  • Space Sensor
  • Return Air Sensor
  • Supply Air Sensor

Install Master Control Panel

  • Outdoor Light Sensor
  • Outside Air Temperature
  • Walk In Cooler Temperature
  • Walk In Freezer Temperature
  • Internet Device Connectivity
    (Smart Phone / Tablet / Laptop)
  • Alarm Notification
  • System/Building Scheduling

Install Lighting Control Panel

  • Fail on Lighting
  • Interior Light Functions
    (Work Lights / Sales Lights)
  • Exterior Lighting Functions
    (Building Lights / Lot Lights / Signs / Landscape)


  • All equipment is under warranty for the life of the program